About Randy

I am an energetic, dedicated and passionate fitness professional; I am totally committed to the transformation of people’s lives.


I am married to my beautiful and loving wife Sheila and I have two amazing sons, Jonathan and David.

My client base is diverse. I have trained highly skilled athletes as well as people that are looking to get back in shape. My scope includes, weight loss management, conditioning, nutrition education, cardiovascular training, wellness programs, rehabilitation, and sports specific training.


I am very involved in the lives of my growing boys and love being involved in my Church. I live a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian lifestyle. In addition, I am regularly involved in weight and strength training, running and I enjoy cycling (I don’t just promote these lifestyles, I live them).


My formal education was primarily focused on professional behavioral assessment and development.

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Behavioral Science from National University, San Diego in 1988. I then continued on in my education to include my Masters of Science in Educational Counseling which I received in 1990.

I was then prepared for my career in private practice psychotherapy. I relocated to Steamboat Springs, CO. It was there I began my professional practice. I was primarily focused on addiction counseling, weight and nutrition management, and working with psychological problems. I found this field immediately rewarding as new lives were being built and transformed. It was at this point I began to see the option to include my specialized training with my love of exercise and fitness.

I began work as a Strength Training Supervisor and Personal Fitness Trainer at the Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation Association. I quickly migrated toward the operations aspect of the training facilities. I became involved with health screening for all fitness programs, risk management, quality of work supervision for all floor shift supervisors, employee performance evaluations, safety, and maintenance of all weight room equipment. It was apparent to me at this point, I knew I had found my calling.

I missed my home town of San Diego, so I moved back in 1997. I have been working as a Personal Trainer since then.

I have worked at several high profile gyms along the beautiful coastline and now I have my own private studio in Carlsbad.