Bio-mechanics = Anatomy + Kinesiology + Physics

We must have an understanding of forces and engineering when exercising.

I have found far too often when working with my clients a history of poor training habits and horror stories of the inexperienced personal trainers asking their bodies to do things which they are not designed for.

Proper training technique can only be applied when all aspects of the body are taken into consideration with a thorough background knowledge of anatomy & physiology. Without this applied knowledge, what openly appears to be a structured workout could quickly turn into physical exhaustion and/or possible injury.

The body, when properly aligned for a precise and specific exercise will quickly find it’s level of muscle ‘failure’ (the point at which a specific muscle can no longer perform as intended).

I find specificity in training to diminish the length of time necessary for overall fitness level improvement. The resultĀ is increased athletic performance and/or shorter term rehabilitation.