Cardio Endurance

Cardio-endurance exercises are a great initial exercise to ascertain your initial level of endurance as well as the functionality of your heart and lungs.  The lungs and the heart need to work stably together to generate the oxygen you need for good health and effective body performance.

This process starts with warm-up activities and aerobics which gradually get more challenging but often commence with less strenuous exercises.  The objective is to gradually raise your heart rate and muscle usage before going into a more intense exercise.  These processes involve a variety of body movements and exercises. The exercises may include using hand-held weights and heavy elastic tubing targeting tone of the upper and lower body muscles.

Benefits of Cardio-endurance exercises:

  • Helps Ease your Cardiovascular System:

Randy, your Carlsbad personal trainer takes you through each work-out step-by-step while considering any of your cardiovascular risks.  We start you off by doing less strenuous aerobics through which your endurance level is ascertained.  That is followed by a relatively higher training which raises your heartbeat after which milder exercises follow.  This helps your heartbeat to reach a healthy rate.

  • Helps to Boost your Energy System:

Cardio-endurance is a fitness exercise that helps the body to produce the oxygen needed for your optimum performance.  When your energy level is boosted, your performances at work, during workouts and other activities increase.  It also develops your energy generation system that helps you with everyday tasks that requires endurance, energy, and concentration.

  • Boosts your Muscle Flexibility:

A Carlsbad personal trainer, like Randy, will engage you in cardio-endurance exercise and other aerobics, your muscles function with a good level of flexibility.  This reduces the likelihood of muscle cramps, sudden twinges, spasms, and other painful contractions.

  • Helps Measure the Efficiency of your Heart and Lungs:

One great benefit of cardio-endurance is that it is a great assessment of the health of your heart and lungs. And through continued cardio-endurance exercises you can improve the state of your heart and lungs.

Together with Randy, clients are guided through every step of their cardio improvement exercises to help achieve their health and wellness goals.

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