Have you ever accidentally knocked a glass off a table and tried catching it in that split second but failed? Or had difficulty catching a key tossed at you? Or are having trouble getting the steps of your favorite new dance move? You may need to build your coordination.

Coordination is the ability to perform complex (motor) tasks. It involves the ability to carry out several skills or a series of movements (in a sequence) smoothly and efficiently. Good coordination is fundamental to all sorts of activities; It makes the performance of complex body movements faster, smoother and efficient.

Why you need to work on your coordination

Good coordination allows you to enjoy smooth movement as you perform complex tasks. It provides the confidence you need to explore new activities. Hence, it is important that you train your coordination because it offers the following:

  1. Well-rounded Physical Performance

A lot of times, we are more concerned about speed, flexibility or strength, without thinking about coordination. Coordination is the ability to apply all other skills you build through personal training.

  1. Repetitive Action

Exercise or drills targeting coordination help the nervous system to create pathways from the brain to the body. As the body performs these actions repeatedly, the system learns from it. This results in smoother movements with less effort.

  1. Energizes Workout

Coordination drills make workouts more interesting and energized in a way that helps you make the most of your workouts.

Improving coordination

There are several exercise and drills that are specifically targeted at improving coordination. But first, you need a Carlsbad personal trainer, which you can find here at Randy’s workout.

Randy will help you decide on the best drills and make a plan that will help you achieve the best results.

Some coordination targeted drills include:

  • Jump Rope

As simple and common as jumping a rope is, it is great for building Coordination. The repetitive process of hopping on one or two feet and crisscrossing, helps you build coordination, maintain rhythm and control.

  • One-Leg Balancing

This involves balancing on one leg with your eyes closed. It can be simple (standing on a hard surface) or complex (on an unstable surface e.g pillow). As you move your body while trying to balance, you build coordination.

  • Balancing on Hands and Knees

With this drill, you start down on hands and knees on a gym mat. Then you stretch out your arm and hand in front of you, while your opposite leg is stretched out in the air behind you. Repeat on the other side. While you stretch, keep your core muscle contracted to help you maintain balance.

Randy’s workout

There is no easier way to build coordination than to work with a Carlsbad personal trainer. You will get a personalized assessment and a workout plan that is tailored to your fitness level and abilities.

As a professional Carlsbad personal trainer, Randy makes your health and well-being a priority and ensures you don’t overdo any drill.

Plus, with a Carlsbad personal trainer, you will enjoy a variety of specifically targeted drills that will help you improve your coordination. Don’t forget, no matter how workout helps you build, coordination is what gives you a well-rounded physical performance.