I work from my private studio, located in Carlsbad/La Costa. I go to great lengths to create a familiar and informal setting in my studio. I regularly work with highly trained and focused athletes and have a reputation for being a knowledgeable and reliable trainer in this area. All levels welcome including beginners, intermediate, advanced clients, both on individual basis and as small groups. Whatever fitness level you are at, I will design a plan that works for you.

Some of the aspects of the private studio gym are:

  • More focused one-on-one training and never a wait for your exercises
  • Control over training room aspects, i.e. music, temperature, pace…..
  • More personal awareness of training (less distraction)
  • Concentrated attention to detail and productivity
  • Shower/changing facility
  • I will also train outdoors, if you prefer
  • I use kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, balance devices, bosu balls, power wheels, cardio, sport cords, cables, body weight, medicine balls, prospot machines, smith machines and battling ropes to name just a few
  • I’m sure you’ll agree, I have what’s needed to train the beginner to the most advanced fitness enthusiast