Essentially, posture is the positioning and alignment of the body in regards to the force of gravity. It doesn’t matter if you are lying down, sitting or standing; gravity applies a force on your muscles, joints, and ligaments. Therefore, a good posture involves distributing the force of gravity in the body appropriately to avoid over-stressing any particular part of you.

Posture effects the way you run, walk, lift things, jump, and perform other skills. Due to its benefits, such as flexibility, mitigating stress on joints, minimizing the risk of injury, and boosting functional strength; your body feels great with great posture!

Here are a few other reasons why good posture is important:

  • Enhances Bodily Alignment

If your body is aligned properly, all your organs (including your stomach) will function better. As a result, a good posture helps improve digestion.

  • Eliminates Neck and Back Pain

A good posture makes your spine and bones support the weight of your body easily, eliminating body pains.

  • Improves Breathing

To breathe properly, your lungs require room to expand. So if you slump over, it collapses your rib cage a bit, leaving inadequate room for your lungs to expand. The end result? Inefficient breathing.

  • Healthy Spine

A good posture is an easy but very vital way to keep your spine and complex structures in your back healthy.

Do you want an elegant look and the posture of a pilates or yoga teacher? It all begins with the right posture. If you want to improve your posture, you must concentrate on personal training exercises that strengthen your core – the lower back and abdominal muscles. Also, these muscles help move your trunk by rotating, extending, or flexing your spine, allowing for improved range of motion.

Your personal training workout plan

We can include these posture-enhancing exercises as part of your routine.

  • Single Leg Extension

The single leg extension can help stabilize your core muscles. Also, this exercise works to support your pelvis, while improving your posture.

  • The New Crunch

This exercise is also called the curl-up. It helps work your 6-pack muscles or the rectus abdominis as well as your obliques.

  • Yoga Sit-Up

The Yoga Sit-Up or Pilates Roll-Up works the obliques, rectus abdominis, and the transverse abdominis (a core muscles that extends around the waist and pulls the abdomen inwards.)

  • Crossover

The Crossover exercise focuses on the core muscles and the obliques.

  • Back Extension

The Back Extension or Cobra Pose strengthens the muscles of the lower back and the erector spinae.

Why you need a personal trainer

While you can perform these exercises at home, why not seek the help of a Carlsbad personal trainer to help improve your posture?

Randy will ensure that you carry out the exercises effectively and correctly. Improper posture while exercising can lead to injury and you may not achieve your desired goals.

Furthermore, a personal trainer recognizes postural distortion patterns and then creates a corrective exercise routine to correct your posture. Therefore, having a Carlsbad Personal Trainer close to you to perform the right technique and posture is very important.

Looking for a Carlsbad personal trainer? At Randy’s Workout, you will get a personalized, customized, and physical training that fits your personality and needs!