I evaluate and train in response to general orthopedic and sports-related injuries.

I specialize in the treatment of knees, shoulders, hips, back/spine, and carpal tunel syndrome. Some of these conditions, I have recovered from personally.

My treatments include, but are not limited to, manual therapy techniques (including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and stretching), muscle re-education, exercise application, sports training, and patient education for self-management and injury prevention.

Some of my past clients began treatment at a point of physical debilitation which prevented normal ambulatory function. They found with applied exercise and symptom specific training methods, a dramatic improvement in overall function, up to unassisted movement and walking.

I am committed to my clients. My goal is complete rehabilitation if this is possible. Most often, I find the overall level of improvement is directly proportionate to the willingness of an individual to continue working toward the goal. Each case is completely different based on the physical limitations of the person.

Effort is often the intangible in each situation and can often directly affect the overall outcome.