As an athlete, speed is a top priority.

Speed makes a huge difference between you and your competition. But despite common presumptions, speed is not something inherent and unchangeable. In fact, with planned effort you can continue to improve your speed and your desire to boost your speed is just the beginning of a whole new journey of discipline and endurance.

Speed isn’t just about running fast, it comes with several physical and health benefits as well as these perks below:

  1. Burns fat

After every run, the body uses up to 100% carbs of body fat to resupply the body’s first-response anaerobic system and fuel recovery. The faster your speed, the more fat is burned afterward.

  1. Low possibility of an injury

Opposed to what you may think, speed training reduces your risk of injuries. It improves your flexibility and trains your muscles, leading to better muscle balance. The training strengthens injury-prone muscles and prevents injury.

  1. Better agility

Speed training increases agility, which helps you navigate sharp turns on a trail, dodge unexpectedly obstacles leaping out on your path or hop off a curb. The faster you are, the more agile you become.

  1. Stronger stride

With speed comes a stronger stride. It determines how far each stride carries you, how fast your strides are and how fast you complete it.

  1. Stronger Bones

Like most living tissues; bones, muscles, and tendons respond to training and get stronger in the process. Also, speed helps strengthen the bones, tendons, fascia, and ligaments.

More so, speed training also increases running economy, anaerobic endurance, and balance. You develop improved physical efficiency and overall health.

To improve speed….

Improved speed is something that is gained through personal training. It is a daily decision to push yourself and your body beyond your limits. The best way to ensure you get the best results in the shortest amount of time is to get a Carlsbad personal trainer who will work with you on steps to improve your speed and stay ahead of the competition.

Some steps include:

–    Building a proper running technique.

–    Improving your rate of steps.

–    Alternating periods of high and low intensity while training.

–    Improving your acceleration through regular sprints.

–    Increase leg turnover by using treadmills.

–    Jumping rope.

–    Lifting weights.

–    Playing with resistance.

–    Cycling.

–    Daily stretches.

All of these and many more exercises are part of the journey to improving your speed. Unsure where to start? Make the most of your speed goals with a Carlsbad personal trainer.

To make your speed training experience more worthwhile, visit Randy’s workout. Here, a personal speed boosting plan will be drawn up for you. This plan will take into consideration your fitness level, your speed level, your schedule and other complications or injuries that may slow down your pace.

Bottom line – Great speed is achievable, Usain Bolt is proof. Yes! But even Usain puts a lot of time into personal training. He also uses a personal trainer to make every effort put into his training worthwhile. Make your speed training more effective with Randy’s Workout, your North County San Diego personal trainer.