If you knew that strength exercise could improve your stability, help you shed weight, benefit your heart, and nourish your bones, wouldn’t you add it to your routine?

But, how often do you notice the weight room at the gym is congested with men while all the cardio machines are packed with women? A lot of people assume that the strength training exercises are solely for building muscle. But strength training isn’t only for people looking to get bulky and big, it can be a very effective tool for achieving a number of health goals.

There several benefits of adding strength exercise into your workout routine. Apart from getting toned, here are some benefits of strength exercises:

  • Increased Muscle Mass

Strength exercises help minimize muscle loss as you get older.

  • Boosts Bone Strength

Strength exercises can help increase bone density by reversing or slowing the effects of osteoporosis.

  • Increased Stability

Strength exercises help enhance balance, posture, and coordination. Research indicates that people that are out of shape are at higher risk of falling. Strength exercises can minimize this risk by 40%.

  • Improved Daily Activities

Strength exercises increase your muscle efficiently. Most activities require various physical movements. Such movements include standing, sitting, running, sleeping, walking, pulling, lifting and more. Strength training can help you execute these physical movements more effectively.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure and Chronic Diseases

When done regularly, strength exercises can help reduce blood pressure. Also, studies indicate that strength exercises can help manage some chronic conditions. If you are suffering from certain types of arthritis, strength exercise can be as powerful as medication in reducing arthritis pain.

How to approach Strength Training

So are you ready to get in shape?! Getting a Carlsbad personal trainer like Randy’s Workout offers a necessary dose of motivation and accountability.

Randy’s Workout can help:

  • Transform your routine

Randy will help you complete your strength exercises to ensure best results and safe execution. Signing up with Randy’s Workout is especially helpful if you find yourself afraid of including strength exercises in your routine. However, a good Carlsbad personal trainer will show you how to utilize strength exercises to achieve your health goals.

  • Improve muscles response

While changing your routine sounds easy, it’s best to switch up your exercise in a strategic and organized way. Randy, your personal North County San Diego Personal Trainer, will include moves into your weekly plan that slow down exercises and improve flexibility.

  • Minimize Pain

This is crucial. Why? Because a personal trainer concentrates on safety. Randy’s Workout is a unique blend of a Carlsbad personal trainer and physical therapist that analyzes injuries and changes exercises to help you recover. Also, these fixes don’t just prevent injuries, they also give you better results.

For instance, instead of having you do exercises that will hurt your back or pull your neck, a Carlsbad personal trainer will show you pain-free workouts.

Looking for a Carlsbad personal trainer? At Randy’s Workout, you will get a personalized, customized, and physical training that fits your personality and needs!