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Essentially, posture is the positioning and alignment of the body in regards to the force of gravity...
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Weight Loss
While there are many supplements and meal replacements that promise weight loss, are these ever real...
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Muscle Gain
The decision to focus on gaining muscle is not a decision take lightly. Gaining muscle can be very d...
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If you knew that strength exercise could improve your stability, help you shed weight, benefit your ...
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Have you ever envied the flexibility of a Ballerina or Yogi? How they are able to stretch their bodi...
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As an athlete, speed is a top priority. Speed makes a huge difference between you and your compet...
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Have you ever accidentally knocked a glass off a table and tried catching it in that split second bu...
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Agility is the body’s ability act graceful, quick, and nimble. Also, it is the body's ability to mov
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Balance is your ability to steady your body in a particular position while resting on a base. Losing
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Exercises and walkouts not only boost your health and confidence, but they also help you to gain max...
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Cardio Endurance
Cardio-endurance exercises are a great initial exercise to ascertain your initial level of endurance...
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What Type of Training are you looking for?

Bio-mechanics = Anatomy + Kinesiology + Physics We must have an understanding of forces and enginee...
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How do you know if your diet is healthy? First, you can take a look at your plate! It should cons...
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I evaluate and train in response to general orthopedic and sports-related injuries. I specialize ...
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One-on-One Training
If you'd prefer privacy and personalized attention, One-on-One training is the right option for you....
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Group Training Sessions
Group training sessions provide a fun and social experience full of group support and personalized a...
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